Monday, September 8, 2008

kind of back on track

i'm feeling better these days. good for me since we've had a lot of fun things to do since Racheli got back last monday.

we went on a shopping spree on tuesday at our new mall here in Modiin. we were there for hours and hours and had a great time. she needed to buy new clothes for the Bar Mitzva and found some very reasonably priced items.

then we went to the Bar Mitzva on thursday. we went to the Kotel (Western Wall) and suffered through the almost unbearable heat. i hadn't been to the Kotel in years. it's such an impressive sight. being there you get an overwheming feeling of *belonging* to history.

then we went to the party all the way over on the other side of Jerusalem. now THAT was fun!! i saw people that i hadn't seen in 10, 15 and even 20 years. one after the other they all looked sooo good. we all had a blast dancing and eating great food. then we headed back home at about 6pm and we all kind of fizzled out the rest of the evening. Racheli drove up north to be part of the Shabbat celebration for the Bar Mitzva boy. she also had a great time there, even though it was a bit difficult keeping such a strict Shabbat on the religous Moshav.

last night we went to pick Rico up from the airport. oh my God !! you could not have chosen three more stupid people to pick him up; me, Racheli and Oren. a one hour adventure turned into a 3 hour exercise in patience and waiting. Rico never really gave us the correct flight info and we just went on what he wrote on Facebook. well, after about 2.5 hours of watching hundreds of people land from all over the world, i was sitting on the side waiting for the next flight from London to land at 10:38pm. all of a sudden i see Rico appear from nowhere. he had come in from some obscure city in Britian called Luton. his flight had been delayed on the ground for 1.5 hours in Luton and he was late. never mind that we were waiting for him to come in from London.

anyway... now Rico was there and Oren & Racheli were lost !! Rico was tired and hungry and kept going around the terminal looking for them. he even had them paged, to no avail. about 45 minutes later the stray father and daughter team appeared from the very top floor of the airport. we finally got into the car and sped home to have something to eat before the last open place in Modiin closed.

we had the girls meet us up at the restaurant and we all had a great time just being together.

that's it for this crazy family. we're just having fun being together and getting through these hot days.

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