Friday, September 26, 2008

thursday was the day that Mari and i go out to do my errands. we do this every month, at the end of the month. this time Racheli joined us, on my request. we went to my bank to withdraw all my millions of shekels, then over to our landlord's bank to pay the rent, then to the clinic, and then off to the mall to have brunch.

we had a great time !! we laughed our butts off and had so much fun just telling each other stories and making everyone around us crazy. at the clinic i was able to have my gross toenails taken care of. i also talked with the podiatrist about having the surgery done which takes all my toenails off and basically takes care of the ugliness problem. i got the problem with the pronounced use of steroids a few years ago. very frustrating and ugly. the only medicine that is available is a pill that would greatly affect my liver, and since i already have elevated levels of liver function, that is a non-choice. *sigh* everyone know how much i do not want any more hospital-related procedures, but it's really not something i can keep avoiding.

brunch was SO much fun with Mari and Racheli. we sat outside at the terrace of Cafe Joe. there were tons of people there. doesn't anyone in Modiin work? we kept ourselves entertained for about 2 hours. we also kept the waitress on her toes the whole time. she was pretty bad, but at least was in a good mood, so we gave her an uber-tip. i've been able to make some good progress on the website. i got a couple of sections done in the *lifestyle* category. i'll be doing more work on that category in the coming week or so, and that way it'll be ready to upload soon.speaking of uploading..... i so much wanted to start uploading files this week, but for some reason my webhosting guy disppeared all week. he finally contacted me this morning, to tell me that he's having some technical problems with his system upgrade and that i need to wait a bit more. *sigh*... again. i guess every thing is for the better. i'm not in any position to launch the site, so it doesn't really matter if his server system is behind a week or two.

Nina and Tamar are making me crazy these past few days. they are not keeping the house tidy whatsoever and now it looks like a train wreck!! AND they're now complaining about how much work they have to do to get it looking presentable. i feel so bad with Racheli around this dump. i'm sure she hates it this way. i'm in no physical shape to do the cleaning, so i'm dependant on Nina and Tamar. of course, Nina has a good excuse for the past week... she got that cut on her foot from a piece of glass. she was out of it for about 3 days and that made a huge difference here at home. at least she's a lot better now and will be able to do some cleaning and the cooking this afternoon :-) if only Tamar were as compromising as Nina.

i now need to go eat something healthy. ta ta !!

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