Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here !!!

a new year, and decade, just started.... 30 minutes ago.

2009 was a very good year for me. and i feel that 2010 will be even better. God is with me all the way, every step, every breath.

when i called Oren to tell him Happy New Year, he said that he hoped the new decade will be better for me than the last one. i honestly couldn't figure out what he meant. then i suddenly remembered that it was in May of 2003 that i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis AND Bi-Polar Affective Disorder. in December of 2003 i was hospitalized in the psych ward, because of my horrible sucicidal tendicies / thoughts / whatever. i wanted to be dead. then, a couple of years later, i lost all sight in my left eye. i've been wanting a black eye-patch, so i can look like a Pirate ;-)

yes, the first decade of the new millenium was a bit tough for me. but i had forgotten all about it. the decade treated me really, really, REALLY good in so many different ways.

i learned what it's like to REALLY be in bad health. my new chronic illnesses were nothing as compared to what i saw at the hospital on the many times that i spent there. my illnesses had a name, a treatment, a light at the end of the tunnel. so many people around me were in real pain and with almost no hope.

also, the decade saw the death of some of our oldest friends. Danny Syroia died of an ear infection that caused a septic ulcer on his brain. go figure. Yoav Attias died of a rare blood disease. Guy, Nili's son was killed in a motorcycle accident. her only child.

who am i to say that my life is difficult? that God has forsaken me? that it's just not fair?

i don't say anything but THANK YOU GOD, for ALL YOUR BLESSINGS !!

i have 5 healthy, happy, wonderful children. i have an incredible family who loves me and prays for me at all times. i have great friends who really care about me and the kids.

life is great. life is grand. life is precious.

i want to thank Dr. Michael Kaufman (my general practitioner) and Dr. Yuvgeni Kalman (my incredibly handsome shrink) for saving my life. thank you to Dr. Dimiti Carossis (my MS neurologist) and Prof. Avrahami (my God-send neurologist and head of staff) for saving my right eye. Karen, my pharmacist, for always understanding what i say to her. these are all people who have been given a mission by God, to take care of people like me and make our lives so much better.

i want to thank my family for their love, prayers, comfort and support. i miss you all and you'll never really understand how much i love you. i've been gone for such a long time, to such a far place, but you are in my heart and soul 24/7.

i want to thank my kids for EVERYTHING !! in spite of me, and your father, you have all turned out to be the most incredible people on the face of this earth !!! what a blessing each and every single one of you are.

i want to thank Oren... he just keeps surprising me.

i want to thank my real life friends, many of whom i've gotten in touch with again this past year, after so many years. it's so wonderful having you in my life again :-) i'm talking about friends in the US and also here in Israel (Modiin included).

i want to thank my DietWatch friends. through good and bad, they are always there for me. they are all so special and true inspirations. the best bunch of people i know !!

and, i want to thank Mari, my best friend, who knows exactly what to do and say, to keep me grounded :-)

i love you all !!

Happy New Year, 2010 :-))))

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Jeri said...

Happy New Year, most precious and wonderful woman! I'm so glad to have found you again, and I hope so much I will see you in person one day.

Lots of love to you.