Wednesday, December 22, 2010

feeling better... THANK GOD !!!

i haven't been here for some time now.  i wonder what i did all these months.

anyway, i just noticed that my *profile* says that i'm on the road to losing 65 kilos of fat.  well, it's now about 45 kilos of fat that need to go away.  i've managed to knock about 20 kilos off my weight since i first started this blog, way back when.  that's a good thing :-)

i've been thinking of starting a Fiber Arts blog.  who knows?  do i have the time and or patience for it?  i think so.  

but for the time being, i'm going to continue with what i started here.  i'm getting back into good nutrition and working out.  i love that lifestyle and it's been a few months since i've lived it properly.

with that said... it's time for me to take my night meds, along with an anti-cold cocktail and get some good sleep.  i have SO freaking much to do in the coming days.   i don't have time to be sick anymore.  Racheli needs the new menu for the restaurant done and i need to get all the marketing material ready for the big marketing push.

tomorrow is a new day and i'll be writing here, once again having fun following my own progress in weight loss and getting stronger. 

peace out!!

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