Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's been awhile...

i haven't posted in months and months.  so much has happened.  very, very good things.

we've finally moved to Tel Aviv, in the neighborhood called Schuna'at HaTikva, or HaTikva.  i LOVE it here.  it's raw, it's real, it's fun and it's affordable :-)

Tamar has finally come around to the move... it took a long time but she's liking it now, thank God.

Nina is now in the army, folding personnel parachutes and special parachutes for equipment that is thrown out of an airplane.  she loves her duties.  she works from 8am to 2pm, Sunday - Thursday, and is off for the long weekend.  she's such an amazing person.  so is Tamar, but in different ways.  Tamar is my right-hand daughter.  she is incredible with doing errands and just getting those pesky things done.  Nina hates doing errands and she is more of *get the apartment in order* kind of person ;-)

the other kids are just fine.  Rico has his final final next week at the Technion.  it's amazing that it's the end of the year already.  he's top in his class... what an amazing feat !!!

Sunny finally went back to working about 3/4 shifts after her accident. i thought she was going to lose her mind being at home so long, without almost any money and getting further into debut.  however, her high paying job and more hours will get her back on track soon.

Racheli is working long, long hours at her adorable restaurant.  she is having a bit of a crisis finding a good worker.  Tamar hated working there and she just quit on Racheli last week... something that is still very, very raw for Racheli.  she'll eventually get over it.

me?  i'm just trying to keep treading water and not drown under the weight of the Evil Steroids.  yes, they did the job of whatever they needed to do for the advanced MS relapse i had.  but still.... I HATE THEM !!!

the diabetes rages in me and i have to use all my energies in keeping my blood sugar below 200 during the day.  keeping on a safe, healthy nutritional regime is very tiring and expensive, but i refuse to give into the steroids this time around.  besides, i'm down to 40mg and will be totally done with them at the end of the month :-D

now it's time to just relax before all the insanity begins.  today is Orr Chaim's Bar Mitzvah celebration at the event hall in Jerusalem  the entire family, and really special friends will be there.  i just can't wait till we take off to Jerusalem, marking of the most special days of my life.  i love him so much and i feel that he's my second, younger son.

peace out everyone :-D

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