Monday, March 5, 2012


i seem to be starting over quite a lot in the past few years. but, at least i'm not giving up on myself totally.

last week, the last week of February 2012, i re-started my program and i'm feeling FANTASTIC. not only am i eating the way my body likes, but i'm back on my meds cocktails (which is a morning cocktail and night cocktail), but, i'm also moving my body once again. now, mind you, i haven't been moving this big fat body in a long time, so i have to do it in small increments of time, like 10 minutes at a time. i'm sure i'll get up to 30 minutes of walking really soon :-)

next Sunday, March 11th, i'll start posting my whole regime and will keep track here, as it really helps me to see my progress.

onward and upward !!!

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