Friday, September 25, 2009

ack!!! it's SO freaking hot today !!!

what's with this incredibly annoying weather? who in the world wants temps in the 90's at the end of September? this is INSANE!!

i went out today to do my end-of-the-month errands. the ones that i usually do with Mari. i had to go by myself because of this darn holidays. Mari won't be available until after Yom Kippur and my meds finish up tonight. besides, we really needed more food in the house.

the bank was okay. lots of people, but it went quickly.

the supermarket was a nightmare. too many people. too difficult for me to navigate the ins and outs of the other carts. too hard for me at checkout. by then i was already exhausted.

but i had to make it to the Kupa for my meds. i walked in and it was really quiet. just the way i like it. i just swished into Dr. Amit's office, about 1 hour before my scheduled appointment.

then the insanity started. i went to the pharmacy and there were about 10 men in front of me. okay, no biggie. waiting in an airconditioned place is fine by me. but one man took about 1/2 hour and made us all insane, including the pharmacist.

finally got my meds and then i made a quick dash out the door. got home just in time to catch Nina trying to bring in the grocery delivery, which they had just left outside our door. good thing it had already come though.... i was really hungry.

now i'm going to try to sleep a bit more. my brain doesn't work when i'm so tired.

peace out everyone !!

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