Saturday, September 12, 2009


tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 12th, is the day that i start Quilling.

Quilling is an ancient form of working with paper. it's SO cool. one of the coolest things that i've ever seen.

i'm going to set myself up on the diningroom table that Oren got us and get going from there.

i'm also going to start working on my client's websites. i have the Pizza Parlor one and the Clown one to do. i should have had them done months ago. it's about time i get my act together and stop torturing these poor kind people.

i'm also going to re-start the Iris Paper Folding that i started a few months ago. i really liked the first few projects that i made with the very simple supplies i bought back then. i just ran across the box that was put in the right place when the kids unpacked the house :-)

i still haven't found my digital camera though. maybe i can use Tamar's for some things.

some decisions made. good for me.

peace out everyone :-)

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