Friday, September 11, 2009

it's been a long time....

it's been a very long time since i've blogged. 6 months. way too long. i've been thinking of starting to write either a novel, a to-do book, a blog.... something to do. something to help keep myself busy and to help me be creative in yet another way, other than working with my hands.

what should i write about? who in the world knows. but i'm thinking about a topic, a direction, a road, a theme.

i also need to get my act together and re-start my lifestyle journey. it's still so hot though to be able to walking anytime of the day or night. i'm beginning to think that we'll never have normal temps this year. it's just been totally unbearable this year.

oh, that reminds me... we've moved to a new apartment that has airconditioning !!! :-))) after 11 years of living in Modiin summer suffocating heat we've finally hit the jack-pot!! it's just so good for me and my MS. no more going insane at night with the heat. no more feeling wacky because of the heat. YAY for us.

we have a new puppy. Goolie is his name. he's totally insane. but what could we have expected from such totally insane parents? here's a picture of him when he was just a few weeks old.... he's in Nina's hand in this picture. he's still small. he'll stay small. i need to go out one day and buy him a harness because his neck is so tiny that a collar is too big on him.

Goolie keeps us all really busy. he's so funny and fun. when he wants to come up to my bed he comes up to me and just gives a small *hummm*. that's my cue to pick him up and let him rest for awhile. he's so spoiled.

lately Goolie has gotten into the horrible habit of wanting to eat everytime one of us eats. he barks so much, but we don't give into him (at least not often). he has his food bowl and that's that.

anyway, not much more to say today. i'm just glad that i finally got here and i'll be here more often in the coming weeks and months.

Shabbat Shalom and Peace Out :-)

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