Sunday, April 11, 2010

another day, another Holocaust Memorial

this is a tough day for us.

it's the day that we *remember* the murdered during the Holocaust.

this is a huge problem for me.

#1... not only were 6 million Jews murdered during that horrific time in our very recent past, but about another 25 million other innocent people were killed in the combined fronts of WW2. just mind-boggling !!

#2... with no Jewish *past* of my own, it's a bit difficult for me to feel the direct connection with what Israeli's hold to be their own Jewish past and how they relate, in one way or another, to the Holocaust.

#3... the Holocaust is something that we need to *remember*. Jews drill this sentiment into other Jews. Jews drill it into the world. HOWEVER, where do the atrocities of Serbia, Croatia, Rwanda and other genocides fit in? we haven't learned one damn thing after WW2 !! humans are humans are humans.

so there. this is Yom HaShoa here in Israel. i remember all of the fallen, in all of the wars, in all of world.


David Leonard Vega said...

I think it's good to remember the fallen and why they are called, "The Fallen." It's the most interesting of human phenomena that, regardless of how many times we remember history, we manically continue to repeat the bloodcurdling parts.

Anonymous said...

But we need to remember so that we don't repeat this history. We learn from it and move it, not forgetting.
Debbie (Hi Addie!)