Monday, May 10, 2010

the pain is just too much...

i never could even imagine, in my wildest dreams or nightmares, how much a loss like this would hurt. it hurts us all to the core.

it's difficult to even breathe, let alone think and work.

i wish i could take the pain and agony away from the people i love the most in this world, in my life. but i can't.

i have to leave it to God to take care of us all during this tragic time.

my Beloved Lara, an angel, a mother, now in deep sorrow and mourning. her husband, Don, a father and husband beyond words, also in mourning. and my incredible nieces, all six of them, not really understanding what has happened, why it's happened.

my big brother, Alberto, and his exceptional wife, Sandy. now they mourn Maria Dominica. amazing grandparents who should never have to bury a grandchild.

my The Lord Almighty give us the strength to just keep moving in the right direction.

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