Tuesday, May 18, 2010

gonna start Body for Life over again :-)

i've decided to take things up to another level starting Sunday, May 30, 2010.

i'm going back to as near as possible Body for Life strength training as i can do, keeping in mind that i work out at home.

so, with that in mind, i'm going to create a new work-out regime for myself in the next couple of days. it will include the following:

** 2 15-minute "power" walks 5 days a week
** 3 upper body strength work-outs per week
** 3 lower body strength work-outs per week
** 5 Tai Chi sessions per week
** stretches

that'll be the beginning of my core fitness program. i'm going to make getting into shape and losing lots of kilos my *job*, my *work*, my life... i LOVE this !!!

along with the fitness program i'm going to hit the nutritional program really hard and get back into good BfL eating. that means the 40/40/20 mini-meals that work so well for me. i'll be working on my daily menus in the coming days too.

YEA !! I'M READY !!! time to get my game and do this with all the gumption that i have.

i'll also be doing my crafts during the day, which will keep me busy and inside the apartment during the super hot months to come.

i'm one happy camper here :-)))

onward and upward !!!

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