Friday, August 8, 2008

another day, another ......????????

i worked another 7 hours today. i'm pretty impressed with myself this week. i'm getting to bed before 1am and getting up by 8am. i get on the computer right away and then work until i just get sick of looking at the HTML pages. this seems reasonable to me, no?

so far, i've completed about 1/3 of the business directory. it's going much faster than i thought it would. and definitely much, much faster than the stupid bus schedules.

about those tricky bus schedules.... the problem is that there are so many stops on the bus lines that go into cities that i just don't know. i mean, who knows anything about Petach Tikva? give me a break !! i found the website for the City of Petach Tikva and was able to figure out the bus stops using the map in hebrew. but then there are bus lines that cross a few cities and i just don't know what the hell is going on !!! i'm going to have to find our Thomas Guide of Israel, wherever it may be hiding. once i have that in my hands the whole bus schedule issue will be much easier.

my plan is to work at least 5 hours each day of the weekend. i don't want to over-do it though. i don't want to find myself sick and tired of the whole thing before it's *done*.

here's to another very successful day :-)

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