Sunday, August 10, 2008

i'm getting there, i'm getting there, i'm getting there !!!

oh, WOW !!! i'm now down to 5 pages of listings for the business directory. i started at 27 pages a few days ago :-)

i can't believe i'm almost done with it. only thing is that once it's done, i'll have to then tackle the bus schedules...... big yuck !!

it's only the 10th of the month and that means that i WILL get the site up by the end of the month. i just can't believe it :-) :-)

of course, it'll always be growing, and i'll need to work on it on a daily basis (probably 4-5 hours a day), but the foundation will be done and then the real fun part starts of making it interactive with the community. that's my dream and it looks like it'l come true soon.

YAY !!!

1 comment:

Alberto said...


You are doing a terrific job! PLEASE, make sure to take care of yourself - the pace seems to be fine, but only YOU knows best.

Love ya!