Saturday, August 2, 2008

a day off

since i was awake until after 3am with a horrible gallbladder attack (yes, again), i slept in till about 4pm this afternoon. and since i didn't get up in time to *tag* the computer, i wasn't allowed on it for hours and hours.

this turned out to be a very good thing in the end. i really needed a break from the website. working on all those bus schedules for days upon days just got to me. tomorrow i'll get up before the girls and they won't be able to get me off the computer very easily ;-)

besides, i'm having their computer fixed on Sunday, so the whole problem will be solved within a couple of days. i just wish i didn't have this extra expense now. i need every penny i have to tide me over until we start getting advertising money.

speaking of advertising...... Mari is really excited about the whole thing. we spoke about the site, our sales strategy, etc., and i'm positive that she's going to do very good with sales.

anyway, it's 2:30am and i'm too tired to write anymore. i'll be on the computer for hours and hours tomorrow :-)

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