Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ouch !

i just fell in the kitchen. again, another incidence of me not seeing what's in my path.

at least i didn't hit my head this time :-) only my right knee and right wrist. it really hurts to fall on these tile floors. no spring in them whatsoever.

good thing i can keep working though. i got up kind of late, didn't even go to my treatment and things have been generally slow today.

i still have that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that i'm forgetting to do something very important. you know that feeling? i've had it for the past week or so and it's staring to make me crazy. my anxiety levels are rising each day and it's not good for me. i just wish i could *know* what it is that my mind thinks i'm forgetting to do.

ouch !

oh, by the way, i didn't not go to the treatment today because of the problems i had yesterday. i actually felt just fine yesterday after i took my dizziness medicine and some pain killers. i'm just hoping that my body can hold up until monday, when i WILL go for my treatment.


Anonymous said...

((Ad)) - you are very much missed on the "Be Well Board".

How are you feeling?


Miss H. said...

Just trying to keep tabs on you to make sure you're well. Let us hear from you soon! Dianne aka Miss Hattie