Monday, August 4, 2008

what's going on here?

i don't have my computer all to myself and i'm getting really pissed about the whole thing !@!@!

Tamar won't clean up her room enough to be able to call the tech guy in. there's no way in the world that i'm letting him into that room. but in the meantime, i'm the one that's suffering. i'm just not able to say *no* to them when they ask me for the computer. i think i'll just have to say the *n* word and tell them that there is no computer until the room is fixed.

i've got so much work to do on the site. i'm stuck in a never-ending hole of bus schedules. they just don't end. at least i figured out the Java Script that was causing some trouble on some pages :-) i always feel good when i figure out a problem.

we now have a guest... Cookie. she's a beautiful 6-month-old rabbit that Nina is suppose to take care of for 3 weeks. Tomi almost had a heart attack when he saw me petting Cookie last night. poor little thing barked so much that he scared Cookie !! then they were both shaking for about 20 minutes.

gotta go, Morse is on :-)

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