Thursday, July 31, 2008

THE pictue album !

i think i mentioned the picture album that Sandy (my sister-in-law) lovingly made and sent me. i picked it up from the post office on Monday, when i was out with Mari doing errands.

yesterday, when the girls came home from Tel Aviv i gave it to them to see their cousins. they were completely blown away by the album. first of all, they never really had wrapped their minds around the fact that they have cousins outside of Israel. they really only know their father's cousins here in Israel.

so they started to look at the pictures of my beautiful great-nieces and they couldn't believe what their eyes were showing them !! they kept asking me "okay, which one is this?", "why do they all have such blue eyes?", "how old are they?", etc. i tried to answer them to the best of my abilities. to tell you the truth this is the first time that i've seen pictures of them in one place.

and they really got a kick out of the way Sandy put the album together. with each picture there was a little comment about the picture. she also added special little stickers, like the ones used for scrapbooking. it's such a special album !!

i can't wait till Rico, Rachel and Sunny see it. well, actually, Racheli has seen the one that Sandy sent to my mother.

the album is truly a work of beauty, art, and love.

thank you Sandy !!! :-)

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