Sunday, July 13, 2008

i almost had a stroke !!

OMG !! i started to work on my website. i opened the index page in the browser and saw a bunch of gloopy programming. at first i didn't think much about it. i thought that there was a problem with the browser.

then i went and opened up the page in the html editor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to my horror i saw that the problem WAS the page itself !!!!!!!!!! somehow, somewhere the original coding had been over-ridden by this new code that produces nothing... just gloop on the page.

i almost had a stroke !

but then, God in His Merciful way, lead me to the original page that Rico had designed, *red*, and there it was, the whole index page, intact. of course, it doesn't have the small graphics changes that i made yesterday, but at least it's not all gone !!

oh thank you God !! :-)

now i can continue complaining about the general mess of the site. actually, what i'm going to do first is copy the entire folder that i now have on my desktop, into a deep folder, on another partition of my hard drive. that way, if i do something stupid again, at least the original design will still be intact.

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