Friday, July 25, 2008

i just didn't realize !!

i just didn't realize HOW MUCH there is to do on the site !!!! the smallest details. the smallest things. YIKES !!

i've worked for about 5 hours today. thank God for copy/paste. without it i would have given up a few days ago.

it's really starting to take shape though. i got a very big section almost done today. tomorrow i'll finish it up.... mostly because it's the biggest section and i just want it done already.

after that, there is a large section which is just waiting for content. the pages are almost all laid out perfectly, and then the content will need to be poured into the pages and pages of that section.

needless to say, i have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks. but i'm happy with my progress in the past few days. i just wish i'd stop thinking of new things to do. i have to just keep a list of all the new things and add them after the site is up. if i concentrate on them now, i'll never finish.

i've come to the conclusion that this site is like a nice English flower garden. the foundation will be done soon (approx. 2 weeks) and then i will have the chance to just putter around in my *garden* as i see fit. i'll add more *plants* here and there. i'll do some *dead-heading* on my plants (pages), and i'll just keep watering the whole garden in the heat (when it's online and alive).

i'm happy :-)

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Alberto said...


I am so glad to learn you *are* sticking with it, and that you have accomplished so much already.

Love ya!