Friday, July 25, 2008

one tag at a time

i'm finding the work on the site to be quite tedious. but then, why in the world would i have thought otherwise? i am quite literally working on each and every single page (about 100 already) one tag at a time. a *tag* is an element in HTML, and i have to keep the pages as precise as possible, or else they will start to act up on me.

i also discovered that the original design, made by Rico, works with about 10 different layers, and that took me for ever to figure out. his level of website design is very intense, but i'm glad i'm sticking with it.

and all of this is BEFORE i start to pour content into the pages !!! once that starts, there will be no way to turn back. content takes time to design and imput. it takes me having to decide what goes in, in which manner and why.

but i'm glad that this project is making me use my brain. it's my own way of doing cross-word puzzles, which are said to keep *Mad Cow* at bay ;-)

it's so hot now..... i'm wondering how my computer hasn't had a melt-down yet.

time to take a break until tomorrow.

1 comment:

Rachel Deri said...

the site is looking great... i love the layout and design, your son is a genius...

keep working at this pace, and it will be AMAZING!!

love you tons