Saturday, July 26, 2008

happy birthday to me :-)

if i'm now 49-years-old, why is it that i *feel* only 15?

i know my body has some issues, but still....... 49 ?!?!?!? come on.... give me a break.

i just can't wait until my 50th birthday, when i'm going to throw myself a sweet-sixteen party :-)

the girls bought me the most beautiful present i've ever received. it's a Picture Tree, with exactly 5 little oval frames, one for each of their beautiful faces. i'm so incredibly out of it when i watch tv that they were able to prepare the whole thing right under my nose, not more than 6 feet from me !! ha ha ! (Pnina Rosenblum guys).

the two of them were in Kravitz (a stationary store) the other day. they were looking at memory chips for their cellular phones. Tamar turns to Nina and says "We should get a memory chip for Mami". anyone who know me and how my memory is now-a-days, knows how incredibly hysterical that comment is. that girl is so brilliant and funny.

now get this.... they also bought me some *Chocolate Cigars* from Max Brenner (an all-chocolate cafe in our new mall). anyone that is close to me knows that i'm dying to smoke a good cigar !!! they are so brilliant, those two.

anyway, happy birthday to me :-)

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Alberto said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sis!!! I hope this is the BEST ONE yet.

Love ya!