Saturday, July 12, 2008

my son, the artist

for the most part, Jewish mother's are known to *want* to say *my son, the Doctor*. but for me it's *my son, the artist*.

Rico has such an eye for the sublime. some of his favorite pictures can be seen at: (this opens in the same window, so you'll have to click back to get back to this post. sorry.)

they are really amazing !!

i was trained as a photographer in University. i was good. still am. but Rico's work is just extra-ordinary. he could very easily be a world-known photographer, if he wants to one day. but he doesn't even know what he wants to be when he grows up.

when he was in London he bought himself a new Cannon something or other digital camera, which set him back a few hundred pounds. boy, was it worth the cost !! his passion for photography comes out in each shot. his eye for the details and the sublime are just incredible. reminds me of myself a bit, when i was still photographing. but he's much better than i was at his age :-) and he's never even taken any kind of formal photography training either.

in high-school he took three years of cinema classes and was very good. but it's very clear now that his forte is photography, not cinema.

my son, the artist !!!

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