Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i figured out a way to make it easier :-)

i had been translating bus schedule information straight from the bus company\s site, while online, going back and forth from the webpage to my HTML page.

i finally got smart and decided to first print out the pages of the bus lines and then do the translating. now, many of you might be saying "what an idiot she was in the first place", and you're right. but somehow, something clicked in my mind and i now have the formula right :-)

i worked about 7 hours today on just one bus line, but that has now created the template for all other bus lines and the rest will go quickly. thank God !!!

Tomi is making me crazy without the girls here. he keeps following me around the house and every time i take a step he's right under me. i think he's going to eventually kill me, by mistake of course. also, whenever i go lay down on the sofa he barks his little head off to get me to give him water from my bottle. i've stopped doing that because he has his water bowl and i don't want him to keep up this bad habit. if he's really thirsty, he can go to his bowl.

he's so cute though. he plays with the silliest things in the world. he makes messes with anything that he finds, especially anything made out of paper !! at least he's not strong enough yet to really chew up shoes or i'd be in huge trouble with my new shoes. he loves his little stuffed lion. i have to get him more stuffed toys so that he will leave other things alone. wishful thinking ?

the girls are still in Tel Aviv. i think this is the longest time they've ever stayed there. they are doing all kinds of fun things, with Aba bank-rolling them :-) i'm so glad that they are having this mini-vacation because we could not afford anything else for them right now.

speaking of affording... i have GOT to get my domain name registered and find a reasonable hosting plan QUICK !! i've got it on my list of things to do tomorrow. thank God i have the money for that...... it's a secret how i got the money ;-)

anyway, i took my meds early tonight and i hope to be asleep by midnight. i was up by 1pm today and on the computer by 1:30. i'm glad that i'm getting into a more *normal* sleep pattern because it gives me much more time to work on the site before all my tv shows in the evening.

here's to a good, successful day tomorrow !!


Alberto said...


NEVER an idiot. The pattern might reveal itself after a while, and THEN we can move forward much quicker. I am sure glad YOU found it...

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Adriana - ask your big bro about his puppy . . . the one who is so dumb that he won't eat any dinner from his bowl because he thinks he will get goodies from Beto. Then, if he doesn't get something he'll go start to eat but won't finish because he thinks he'll miss something if you walk out of the room and he's not with you.

Also, for almost three years your bro walked him morning, noon and night to 'do his job' and to help him identify the 'right' place to do it. However, because he's afraid that he'll miss something he runs outside, dumps on the sidewalk or deck, and begs to be let back into the house. Gotta love it.