Tuesday, July 15, 2008

good advise :-)

i have been talking with all kinds of people in the past few days about my conflicts with still working at AmReg and working on ourmodiin. these are the results of my crying sessions with various people:

** Racheli -- just do what i really want to do

** Annette -- just do what your heart wants you to do. she also said that it would be really easy to come back to AmReg in the future if i wanted to. i had no idea.

** Aviva -- just do what your heart is telling you to do. God speaks to us through our hearts

** Oren -- what's the problem? now that you are financialy stable, you can do whatever you want.

** Rico -- stop sitting on the fence and just do what you love to do !!

so... since these are people who know me pretty well, some going back 25+ years, i tend to listen to them.

that means that once i get my personal internet connection back, i'm just going to quit AmReg and start doing the site. i'm not even going to wait till the end of the month. it's too much of a strain on me to keep doing what i don't want to be doing.

and the fact that i can always come back to AmReg is a very comforting idea. i thought forsure that they'd never want to hear from an agent who leaves like that. but Annette knows of several agents who have done that in the past, and then they are welcomed back with open arms. i guess that'll depend on how well the company is doing, if i were to try coming back.

oh boy, do i feel a whole lot better now :-)

and my brother, Alberto, has given me some very good ideas on how to progress with the design of the website, maybe making it a bit easier to do in the end. i'm going to check out all the info that he emailed me later tonight.

life is good !!

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Alberto said...


I agree - you MUST do whatever your heart *tells* you to do, but only *if* you are able to do it!

I think you *are* ready. Go for it, sis!!! I love ya!!!