Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and here i thought the worst was behind me

in my very silly way, i thought the hardest part of the site was behind me. yeah, right !

i've started working on the Useful Information section of the site. it's going to be SO packed with information, all translated from Hebrew. i have to first find the information on various sites, then print it out in a Word document in a large font (so i can see the darn thing), and then the fun part comes..... translating things !!

i don't like doing translation work. i'm good at it, but it wears me out. i try my best to do it so that the English-only readers are able to understand it easily. i just want to get the bus schedule section done. it's been the toughest so far. who knew that we have so many bus routes in the city and going out of the city?

anyway, i'll be spending the next few days on this section, trying to just get it over with. kind of like removing a band-aid :-)

at least the weather is better and i'm not fighting with the area fans.

here's to a good day of translating !!!

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