Sunday, July 13, 2008

being true to one's self

i just realized that i must be true to myself in order to get rid of all this confusion and dismay.

what do i mean? i mean that i HAVE to do what my heart keeps telling me to do. to do the website. to go back to graphic and website design, full force. no more mucking around with this and that, and not really doing either this or that 100%.

so....... i'll stay with American Registry until the end of the month, and on July 31st i'll let them know that it's the last day of work for me. i'm not going to tell them beforehand because they are a bit too irrational and will most probably tell me to take a hike. besides, i can use the extra money that i'll make until the end of the month. and i have to get my own internet ISP connection back up again before i quit, because they will disconnect me in a flash !

decision made. i feel a whole LOT better :-)

now all i have to to is sit down and work out the business plan for the site and how the actual money aspect of it will work. i need to decide on advertising rates, turn-over time, if i should get a business partner or not. all these decisions have to be clearly made and written down as clearly as possible.

i feel a whole lot better now.

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