Wednesday, July 23, 2008

progressing at a slow pace

YAY !! i've finally started sitting and working on ourmodiin just like it's my *job*.

progress is slow. slow because there is just so much work to do. i didn't realize how many pages i had already created and i have to go back to each and every single one of them and take care of the small design issues. i can't just *copy/paste* each page into another one, because there is already some content on each and every single page. too much content to lose altogether.

i have designed and printed out the first part of the sales flyer. it's basically the home page of the site. it looks so good in print. i'm going to use it next week when i meet with Mari and try to convince her to go into partnership with me. she already personally knows so many of the business owners in the area that it will be easy for her to get advertisers.

my right shoulder is hurting me from the graphic design. it's very strange how just a minor change in our body movement can make such a large difference in what muscles are used. i just hope that this isn't going to be an on-going problem, because it really hurts at time. we'll see about this.

anyway, i'm plowing through the design and site, trying to get one section done at one sitting. but some sections are very large and to keep from going crazy, i've jumped to another section in the meantime. maybe not a great idea, but at least i just don't get up and stop work altogether :-)

it's so hot and humid. i'm going to take a break now and just try to chill out for a few hours before coming back to the site.


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Alberto said...

GREAT, ad!

The journey *always* starts with one step, then another, then...

I will be glad to do some Beta testing, if you need others to look at the page prior to full launch.

Love ya!