Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what a great day!

this day started out really good with the order that i got late last night and the double commission that i spinned on the Turbo thingy.

then Paz called this afternoon and told me that she wired me $500 for my birthday :-) that's from her and my mother. God bless their souls. they are just amazing. it'll really help to make up for the loss of income when i was sick. God never lets one down !!

now i'm working at a good pace. even the heat isn't getting to me... well, it helps that the fan is about 6 inches from me. but... still.

i'm so looking forward to sunday when i go back to the gym. that pool is just calling out my name. i'm afraid that i'll spend an entire day in it and not make it back home.

aaahhh, God's Goodness.

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