Wednesday, July 9, 2008

feeling uplifted and happy today

yes... i'm Bi-Polar ;-) up and down is a symptom of my *mixed* condition. but enough of that.

but GOD IS GREAT !!! so here's the story for today:

i'm feeling so much better today because not only did i make it to the pool, but i was able to think through a lot of my situation late last night. way into the early hours of the morning.

it started out with a phone conversation with my Racheli, my angel ! i told her how confused i am and, of course, she was her reasonable and analytical self. she advised me to go ahead and continue with AmReg, working X hours per day. then after i finish with work each day, i should spend at least one hour relaxing with a good TV show. then after that i should come back to the computer and put in another hour with and on the weekends i can dedicate myself a lot to the website. very good advise. she's SO smart :-)

so, today will be the first day of this plan. i will work until 10 or 11pm, then watch one of my murder mystery shows that i love so much. then, instead of just watching more tv, i'll come back to the computer and start with the content of the site. good plan. i'm sure that i'll be able to get it up and running in a month or two. no one is after me with the site (as they are with work), so it'll be fun working on the site at my own pace.

i haven't spoken with Rico in a few days. i keep forgetting to call him and by the time i remember it's way to late. i'll try in about an hour, once i get into things at work. hopefully he'll be available to talk for a bit. he's also very good at giving me advise :-)

the girls are making me a bit crazy. it's as if i live alone ! don't get me wrong, i love the fact that they have so many friends and are happy going out and having fun. but i'd like for them to at least go to the supermarket to make sure that i have all the food i need to get back on track. i did manage to find a container with honey-garlic chicken wings late last night that were SO good. yummy!! i have no idea where they came from, but who care when they're staring you right in the face, right?

i'm having the time of my life with the Tour de France in the background. each year i wait for this grand sports event with the glee of a small child. it's only stage 5 today, so we have a few weeks to go. i am always amazed at how the cyclists do that for weeks on end. some of them even do the Giro de Italia before the Tour de France, or the Vuelta de Espania right after the Tour de France !! amazing !!!

gotta start work now. here's to having a very good life :-)

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