Friday, July 4, 2008

eventually, i took a valium.......

let's start with late last night. after *finishing* work at about 9pm because of the heat, i rested for about 2 hours. whatever made me come back to the computer, i will never know.

i saw an email from my team leader: "$30 discount on certain orders placed by certain clients if they are placed by 5pm EST". that gave me about 40 minutes to close an order with a contact that i had been chasing all day long.

i finally got through to him and told him that he had an ADDITIONAL $30 discount, if he ordered immediately. he took the bait. that made a $60 discount on the entire order. WRONG!! my team leader's email was not clear, nor were her AIMs that she was sending me when i was helping the client place the order.

long/short....... i gave him a discount that had not been approved. i made a huge mistake that needed cleaning up by the powers that be. by then it was so late that nothing could be decided and we all had to wait for today.

eventually, with about 60 emails flying back and forth between those vague people up high in the company, i got the okay for the wild discount. PHEW !

so okay, that was good news. God is Good !!

then my team leader, Miriam, tells me, right at the beginning of work, that she wants to work with me for 2-3 hours on the phone today making follow-up calls. i immediately freaked out !! i mean, shaking, sweating and in general, feeling really stressed out.

as time went on this afternoon i got more and more stressed out thinking that she was going to turn to me at any moment to start out mentorship. YIKES !! so, i did *A Dennise* to myself and was calm as a cucumber for the rest of the afternoon :-) yeah, that's right.... i took a valium and was able to make follow-up phone calls all by myself with all the confidence in the world. i was amazed. no orders came in, but there also weren't a lot of people in because of the holiday. but i left confident messages and shot out follow-up emails to them.

i also started writing down different responses that i got from different contacts, just as Miriam had told me that we would do together. the only thing that went wrong was that my softphone was acting up a bit and the connection of the calls was a bit dodgy at times. but in the end, I DID IT !! all by myself.

moral of the story: sometimes it's okay to go ahead an get some *help* from an outside source, especially when that *source* reminds you of a very unique person and event ;-)

boy am i looking forward to the pool on sunday !!!!!!!


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