Saturday, July 26, 2008

the BEST bitthday ever !!!

except for the fact that Rico, Racheli and Sunny weren't here, this was by far the BEST birthday i've had.

i did get to talk to Rico yesterday, Sunny called today, and Racheli made a grand effort to call me via Skype !! that was fantastic :-)

Mami called, Alberto sent me lots of emails and comments, Michal called wanting to bake me a cake and celebrate over at her house, Liz called me when we were out to dinner and left a wonderful message, i spoke with Paz yesterday... i know i'm forgetting something though. oh well.

Oren came from Tel Aviv on the pretext of picking up the girls. in reality it was a surprise to take me out to dinner !! we went to the 443 Grill and saw a whole lot of people we know. they all asked about the MIA's, and we just had a fun time.

this was just such a fun day. Le Tour de France was also a big part of the day. the last time trials of the Tour, right before the finish in Paris tomorrow. we all know who's going home with the Yellow Jersey, but tomorrow should be fun anyway.

that's about it for me. all those phone calls in the morning broke up my sleep and i'm just wiped out now. i'm actually going to sleep before 1am, for the first time in years.

thank you everyone !! i love you all with all my heart :-)

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