Saturday, July 19, 2008

now all i have to do is buckle down

i have to get my act together and stop watching tv, and get my butt in front of the computer, and get moving on !!

a new week starts tomorrow and i'm going to work on the business plan, start the business directory of the site and maybe get part of the flyer done. big plans :-)

my brother, Alberto, has been such a special help to me in this whole journey to get back to working on the site. i thank God that Alberto is my eldest brother, that he's in my life in such a special way, and that he's such a special person.

i'm taking the rest of this Shabbat "off", to just enjoy my last few hours of being a bum.

oh, Racheli is going to China tomorrow !! yes !! CHINA !! she'll be gone till the 31st of the month. i'm really super excited for her. i'm going to miss our daily talks, but that's okay. i'm just SO excited for her.

and Sunny has only one more week till she meets up with Rico in Barcelona !! these kids are having the time of their lives. i'm so happy for them, and SO proud of them !!

i live vicariously through them and i'm loving every minute of it.

i'm now off to watch Inspector Morse (i'm just hoping it's not a re-run).

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