Thursday, July 10, 2008

a new day !

i can't believe it's thursday, the 10th of july, already !! where does time go? and why does it just zoom by?

i've been doing pretty good at work so far this week. i've gotten 3 orders in as many days. yay for me. that means 5 orders in 6 days of work. not bad at all, especially when you take into consideration that i've only sent out 135 previews. that keeps my conversion rate up. if i keep at this pace i'll also get my extra $100 for preveiws sent this month. i just hope the pace of orders keeps up too.

as for i tried last night to sit and start with the content, but i was pulled away from the compute by the tv. i've got to get out of that incipid habit. the only thing that's really worth watching is either Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders or Miss Marple. they all make me think, which keeps the Mad Cow at bay.

i went and swam today, but i was really tired and hot, even in the pool. i'm going to sleep way too late and i have to re-program that too. there are too many things that i have to re-program all of a sudden.

i'm going to give it my best today at work. i have no idea how long i'll make it though. i'm tired already, and i've been sitting at the computer since 1:30pm, way too early. my butt should start hurting me at about 6pm.

i should go and take a bit of a butt break now. i'll be back later.

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