Saturday, July 12, 2008

SO frustrating

okay, i've been doing websites for over 10 years now. you would think that i'm pretty good at figuring out the design/layout of a website, right?

well... that's what i thought until i got ahold of Rico designed it beautifully and the very second that i got ahold of it i started messing with it, and now i have all kinds of crappy problems with it !!!


everything that i try just doesn't solve the problems. they are small problems, but the design is a bit wacked off. small details that are making me crazy. i change something on one page, then another, just to find out that only the first page works properly and the second one doesn't. i don't have any idea what to do about this.

i don't want to spend the next month only clearing up these small design problems, but it looks like that's what's going to happen. uugghh !

and to make matters worse, i opened a free web-hosting account which also doesn't work. i guess i'm going to have to go ahead and bite the bullet and get a normal account. i hope it doesn't cost too much.

AND the FTP program that i downloaded is so incredibly complicated that i can't upload anything either. the ftp utility in the html editor is pretty good, but it's just not working correctly with the free hosting.

now what??? i guess i'll just have to keep racking my brain to figure this all out.


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