Sunday, July 20, 2008


we have a very funny family story that we made up about my youngest daughter, Tamar (15 years old).

it goes like this:

Tamar is a VERY intelligent person (she actually scares us at times with her mental abilities). she has always had a special knack for fixing the impossible. cellular phones, tv's, computers, anything that is wire-based, she can fix it.

she also has a tendancy to be awake when everyone is asleep, especially when she was younger. she would get into the strangest of things in her waking hours. she would literally *hunt* through the house to find things to fiddle with.

another thing about Tamar is that she ALWAYS knows where everything is at home. if anyone asks for ANYTHING, Tamar produces it from thin air. missing sissors? Tamar produces 5 pairs of sissors. missing hair brush? again, Tamar produces 3 brushes. missing scotch tape? all of a sudden she has it in her hand. even things that she over-hears two people talking about, she produces it.

yet another thing about Tamar are her abilities to keep track of EVERYTHING that is going on in a room. she sits at the computer with headphones on, music blasting into her head, she hears the tv at the same time, she hears all the conversations that are going on at the same time, she hears everyones' conversations on the phone or cellphone. it's scary!

so, one day, when my son was in the army a few years ago, doing whatever high-level intelligence survellience that he was doing at the time, we came up with the story-line that goes like this.......

Tamar is in reality a Mossad, CIA, MI-5 and Interpol agent, all rolled into one. she goes out to solve world problems during the strange hours that she's awake and our part of the world is asleep. she takes a broken umbrella and a piece of chewing gum and is indeed a world-known agent for the good guys :-)

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