Monday, July 28, 2008

what a day so far...

i managed to get up on time today (7:30 am !!!) and even made it to the first bank with 15 minutes to spare. Mari and i had to get to the clinic early for her 9:00 appointment with her nutritionist. i got my meds, my paperwork for my next chemo treatment, and a new doctor's note for the gym.

then we went to the post office, where i picked up THE MOST beautiful picture album i've ever seen. my wonderful sister-in-law, Sandy, prepared a very, very special album of all their granddaughters. i wish i could show it to the entire world. she emblished each page with comments, little beads, other little craft things, etc. each and every single page is just soooo wonderful !! once i got back home i sat and looked at the pictures over and over again for about an hour. i can't wait until the girls come home from Tel Aviv to show it to them !!

then we went to cash my check from my last job and had a nice surprise. i got a bit over 100 shekels more than i had expected. i guess the dollar has gone up since last month. yay for me !!

THEN........ the best part of our adventures started. we went to our new mall, to have breakfast. we sat there for a few hours, telling stories and laughing like teenagers. it's really amazing when you have a relationship with someone for 30 years. we know everything about each other and we have so much in common in our history here in Israel. all we have to do is mention someone, or something, and we both know exactly what's meant. we don't have to go through a whole history lesson with someone to make them understand what we're talking about.

anyway, we had each other in tears from laughter. most of the people around us at the cafe kept giving us strange looks, but who cares? we had the best time !! Mari's birthday is coming up in mid-August, so we treated the whole outing today as a joint-birthday celebration.

i'm going to rest a bit before i get back to work on the site. Mari is very excited about getting to the point where she can go out selling ad space. i'm SO glad that she agreed to come on-board with me. it's perfect for her because she's always out and about in the city, especially stores.

so that's it for me for now. i'll post later when i have something new to say ;-)

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