Sunday, December 28, 2008

decision made :-)

i've made a huge decision about how to make extra money AND totally enjoy myself along the way.

i'm going to start a business of knitting and crocheting :-) i will be completing the 3 projects i now have going. i will make new items for personal gifts -- afghans for Nina, Sunny & Tamar are the first items i will make. and i will design a website for my new business.

all of this will take place within the next few months. i figure that i'll have the 3 on-going projects done within the next few weeks and then i'll start on Nina's afghan, and at the same time i will be making *samplers* for the new website.

on the website i will first have pictures of the projects that i've done so far, including Rico's afghan, Oren's afghan, the baby blanket, Racheli's afghan, Ricardo & Susan's afghan and *samplers* of all the different knitting and crocheting that i will be doing in the future. this will all be done in an effort to show potential client's what they can order.

i now need to start thinking of pricing. i have a general idea of how much i want to charge for a basic afghan and i will then be able to adjust the prices according to what a client wants to order.

i will also be researching the possible target markets that will be my the basis of my marketing campaign. together with this, i will design a new website that will really display my knitting and crocheting work.

i'm SO excited about this whole thing. i just KNOW that it will be a great way to make extra money, along with really enjoying myself the whole time.

:-) :-) :-)

God is SO Great and Good !!!

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