Saturday, December 20, 2008

my new journey

the over-all plan -- daily:

* nutrition according to Body for Life
* wake up by 7am
* breakfast and 1 hour walk done by 9am
* work on my community website until 2pm
* take a nice 2 hour nap
* 30 - 45 minutes of physical therapy (i'll start this after i start back at the physical therapist and get all new exercises).
* work again on some kind of website, new business or just anything that will make me extra money -- till about 10pm
* max 10pm, get up off the computer and knit, crochet or do anything else that keeps my hands and mind busy
* in bed by 1am

medical crap i have to do:

* make appointment for gallbladder surgeon -- set for january 5, 2009
* make appointment with special anesthesiologist -- set for february 18, 2009
* make appointment for MRI -- set for january 29, 2009
* make appointment for physical therapist -- set for january 4, 2009
* make appointment for ECCO test -- set for january 5, 2009
* get back into my physical therapy sessions and exercises at home
* keep up my monthly family doctor visits for continuing follow up on my blood tests, weight and blood pressure. -- this takes place at the end of each month
* start the Chinese for Personal Use course -- set to start on january 1, 2009. YAY !!!

my goals for my life before i turn 50 on july 26, 2009:

* get my insane high bad cholesterol under control so i don't have to take any more meds for it
* have an additional 2,000 shekel monthly income
* lose 10 kilos of this darn FAT !!
* be able to walk good without anymore pain in any part of my body
* get back on Copaxone and be free of MS bouts once again
* do physical therapy exercises at least 2 times a day

here, that's it. it's pretty much what i've been doing for the past 2 or 3 weeks, except for the *new business / extra money* part. i have to make some extra $$'s so i don't keep living under so much financial pressure. i know i can do it !!

onward and upward ! :-)

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