Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i think the acupuncture treatment may have helped! it's helped in the past with problems in my legs, so there is no reason why it shouldn't help at least a bit now.

how did i get back to acupuncture? well... after coming back home from the hospital yesterday (throwing up all the way back home in the taxi), i started to feel like this horrible thing that i have will just never go away. i was ordered complete bed-rest until it's completely gone. yeah, right. but, truth be told, i can't do anything besides lag around on the sofa all day long making sure that i don't move my head too much.

so, today i woke up feeling WORSE !! eeggaaddss! i started praying. and i prayed more and more and more. then all of a sudden i remembered acupuncture. walla! it really was God that put the thought in my mind because it happened that Rebecca (my wonderful chinese medicine doctor) was available this evening and i zipped over to her.

after the treatment the strangest thing happened. even though i had slept very well until 3:30 pm, after the treatment i was so sleepy and groggy that i slept again for a few hours. i know that it was the treatment starting to work it's magic. i woke up just in time for a wonderful episode of Midsomer Murder and i'm feeling pretty good right now. i can't be on the computer too much longer because it's just pushing it too much.

so........ i'll be back tomorrow and tell the story of the day-after treatment :-)

things are looking up. OH !! and i got an order late this evening too. can you imagine that? i haven't worked for almost two weeks and a nice order came in today. God is Good !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Adri, glad that you're starting to feel better and hope it continues! -Elissa

Alberto said...


I hope you continue to feel better, and to *heal*. I never even thought that acupuncture might work on this one, but glad it did.

Love you, sis!!!