Monday, June 16, 2008

cutting one's head off

can this even be done?

i have always been totally freaked out by anything that has to do with decapitation. in films, tv shows, books, the news, etc.

but let me tell you, right now it's starting to sound really attractive to me. can i temporarily remove my head until someone figures out what the hell is going on with me?

i saw a Midsomer Murder episode today and there was a sceen where the local theater was putting on a showing of Hamlet. there is always that sceen "To Be Or Not To Be", where Hamlet is holding a skull. i was jealous of the skull !

my three minutes are up. this is just too frustrating !!!

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Alberto said...


Hang in there - we love you very much! I hope someone can find out what is going on, and take care of it for good.