Wednesday, June 4, 2008

YAY for me

i was trying my best to be tired this morning so i would have an excuse not to leave the house and go out into the million-degree day. but... BUT ! i mustered up my courage and did it ! since all i had to wear was my bathing suit and some sloppy clothes thrown on top of that i got dressed in 30 seconds flat (without throwing out my back again), and called the taxi. i was at the gym within minutes and in the pool for hours :-)

YAY for me :-)

about eating.... as the weather gets more and more intense i have found it more and more difficult to eat real food. this has never happened to me in the past. it's always been a problem that Oren and Racheli have in the heat. all i want are smoothies, but i can't live on smoothies alone, can i?

what to do? maybe think up, or look up, more cold foods that will be good with my BfL nutrition plan. there are only so many cans of tuna or sardines that i can open up in a week, or cottage cheese containers i can empty, for that matter.

new challenge..... when i don't really need any more challenges.

i FINALLY got connected to the soft phone system and it's giving me a headache. i don't mean to sound like a piss-ass, but the headset, being ever so ergonomic, is causing me some kind of sensory depravation and gave me a horrible headache yesterday. not to mention the back of my neck hurting from the added weight. i'll eventually get used to it though, like everything else. at least i'm able to work today after so many frustrating things going on yesterday.

Nina and Tamar decided to get into a real war yesterday. Tamar started to bake a cake... well, she started the beginnings of the cake. the new mixer works perfectly well, but for some reason her batter was as thick as.... as....... as...... well, it was way too thick and the mixer wouldn't work properly. so, of course, her answer to the problem was to start screaming and crying. Nina was napping at the time. now you get the picture, right?

cake batter, shoes, pillows, the broom, more shoes.... everything was flying in all directions, including a whole lot of curses that each one should die instantly, "Inshala". this, while i was having a nervous breakdown with my new ISP connection, my new soft phone, the sales system crashing every two minutes and a glooming headache. i wanted to do a "Denise" on the two of them, but couldn't pull myself up from the computer to do the deed. i'm going to keep a box of Clonex on my computer desk for future use ;-)

now, tfu, tfu, things are working very well. ISP finally connected and running smoothly. no system crashes, yet. headset a bit lighter. no headache. sending out a lot of previews. life is good.

gotta go and take advantage of the quiet since N & T are gone for a few hours.

please pray for some orders for me!!!

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Rachel Deri said...

laughing my ass off, out loud, in a full office... when i'm not even supposed to be reading this during work... "do a denise on the two of them..." LOL