Sunday, June 8, 2008

decision made

i've made the decision to go ahead and start working on ourmodiin, in my spare time. i have lots of spare time late at night, or on the weekend, where i can spend an hour here and an hour there, progressing with the content of the site.

since the site is already designed, all i have to do is tweek it a bit and get going with the content. content is something i have a lot of :-)

so, as soon as i possibly can, i'll re-new the domain name and get going on the site. it won't be online for some months since i have so much content to start with. but at least it'll be up someday.

i've decided to have Nina and Tamar go around and do all the photography/video work that i want done. they can do a bit each week and that way i'll have completely updated pictures for the site.


this is going to be fun !!

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Alberto said...


I am looking forward to seeing this come alive. At least I will be able to see your surroundings ;-)