Monday, June 2, 2008

back to the gym, back to real life

i feel like i have travelled a few thousand miles since last wednesday.

but it was back to the gym today and i had a great time :-)

at yesterdays sales agent meeting in jerusalem i was assigned a team leader, Miriam. she's young and energetic. she will be helping me with reaching my monthly goals.

we have a new soft phone system that will connect us to our prospects, kind of like Skype. i've been have a very hard time getting my new ISP account because my router is a bit tricky for the ISP company. we're hoping that the problem will be settled today and that tomorrow i'll be able to connect through this new company internet connection so that Miriam will be able to coach me on my calls.

the meeting was very nice. they set up a large table with light breakfast foods at the entrance. then we had a big buffet lunch half-way through the meeting, when we broke up into our new teams.

it was very nice meeting all the people tha we just read about in Helen's daily emails. i was quite interested in the top sales people, Rivie, Rena and Stan. Stan is on my team and we sat next to each other during lunch. he was a great help, giving me tips and what-not. he's 70 years old, an ex-patriot from Britan. quite a character and very nice.

this is all the time i have right now.

onward and upward !!

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