Sunday, June 8, 2008

decision made... or not

i thought i had made a very concrete decidion about ourmodiin. but all of a sudden i've started to second-guess myself about the whole thing.

there is something that is "calling" me to ourmodiin. maybe it's the fact that i've seen more of the city recently. maybe it's the fact that i have a "need" to create again. whatever the reason, i really want to do it.

but when? it's not like before when i had all the time in the world to do anything i wanted to do. and with summer here already it'll be very difficult to do all the outside stuff that i want done for the site.

i'll have to re-think this whole thing over and over again in the coming days. i have to settle the creative urges in me and i don't feel like knitting........ REGARDLESS of how many make-up afghans i have to finish ;-)

Rico says i should wait until i see how work keeps going. oh !! by the way, i got an order late last night. first time i've gotten an order over the weekend. that's kind of what started to mix me up.... that order. i'm thinking that i have to give work 100% right now, and then in some months time i'll be able to step back a bit from work and start slowly on ourmodiin.

we'll see.....

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