Tuesday, June 3, 2008

on being a chicken

i totally chickened out today with my yoga session. i don't know why i feel so scared to do it. i think that i'm not strong enough yet for it to make it worth my time and money.

i hope this fear goes away because everyone i've spoken with about it says it's about time i start doing yoga!



Rachel Deri said...

it's a good thing you started writting a blog, this way i still know what you're up to. since you don't call me anymore, this is my only way to catch up... :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel - it's a good thing, too, that you are watching her posts - now you just have to convince her that Yoga is NOT something she needs to fear. She's really NOT a chicken . . . and she can do it. After all, if she doesn't, she'll discourage me from catching up to her.

Aunt Sandy