Thursday, June 12, 2008

not feeling well

i'm not well these days. something strange is happening in the left side of my brain. i have an appointment with the neurologist only on tuesday next week. i'm just taking it easy and trying to be calm and optimistic about this whole thing.

i was a bit worried about work, but who cares about work when you're not feeling good? they've been very kind and just tell me not to worry, to take all the time i need and that they'll be there when i can get back to the computer.

i have no idea how much i'll be able to be on the computer in the coming days. i don't want to push myself at all. i'll just be watching tv and resting.

i'm hoping beyond hope that this is just all stress related.... more of a physical stress, since i've been pushing myself quite a lot as compared to how my life used to be ;-)

oh well... life goes on and everything will be okay, especially if i don't have to be hospitalized.

last night was a real dinger with my gallbladder. i thought i was going to have to call Mada and take an ambulance ride to the hospital in the middle of the night!! i even threw up a few times. but, after a few painkillers, the pain eventually eased and i fell asleep at about 6 this morning.

needless to say, my body is reating to something. i hope Talianski can figure things out on tuesday, or else she'll send me to Hadassah for tests. yuck ! but i can't keep ignoring this pressure in my brain any longer.

i'll keep people updated here, whenever i can
goodnight everyone !!


cindy jo said...

Hey Adriana, I hope you are just taking it easy and feeling a little better. Say Hi as soon as you can! Your Friends are missing you and anxious to have yoru cheerful self around again soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope it's nothing too serious, and you are feeling better soon.


Rachel Deri said...

mami, feel well :)