Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DietWatch Friends of Mine !!!

i still can't get into the site !! i miss you all SO much... too much for words.

i've written to the Support Team, with no answer so far.

maybe one of you Board Community Leaders can help me out with this ? Pleezzzzzz :-)

i'm okay, even after that very long day in Jerusalem yesterday. my treatment went just fine. Racheli drove me there, read a book the whole time and helped me out with every little thing i needed :-) she's just amazing !! then she took me to do some very important errands around Jerusalem. we got back to Modiin at 7pm (left in the morning at 8am).

i'm still tired, but i'm going to work on the website as much as possible today.

write to me here, if you see this post.

take care.

peace out everyone !!

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