Saturday, October 11, 2008

i'm tired......

i'm physically tired all the time. ever since i ran out of my vitamins last week :-( i'll get a few bottles next week when i go to the clinic. they really make a difference.

i didn't work so much on the site today. i was interrupted by Nina and Tamar all the time, wanting the computer. i've GOT to get their's fixed soon !

i also had a hard time getting into the translation of a lot of material from the municipal website. too much for my brain to process when i'm tired. i hope to progess more tomorrow.

Oren will be coming tomorrow, to do a few *handyman* jobs around the apartment. there are things that have just accumulated in the past two years and it's about time he found time for this. no use hiring someone else to do it, especially when i don't have any money.

i'm having a great time corresponding with Jeri on Facebook. she's such a riot. even at the ripe old age of 50 she's a blast ! and she looks SO wonderful. a Little Oriental Flower ;-) she's a freelance photographer and business is tough now with the economic situation in the US.

okay, i'm way too tired to be on the computer.

peace out everyone !! see ya all tomorrow.

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