Saturday, October 11, 2008


it's been a very long 6 days !

the second that Mami called and i heard her voice, i knew that something horrible had happened. she told me that my dear, sweet, loving, caring, giving Uncle Edward had died on monday. she had tried calling me on tuesday, but since it was 2am here, no one heard the phone ring.

i was in a state of shock and sadness and pain for the first few days. i couldn't breathe properly, i ate too much candy at one time and almost passed out (good thing i don't have diabetes anymore), and i just cried all the time.

but with God's help, i slowly came around and was able to function by Shabbat. i came to the computer and just started working of ..... slowly. i took it one page at a time, and the next thing i knew, it was time to get off the computer and chill out in front of the tv.

sunday, monday and today have been good. i get sad whenever i think of my Uncle Edward. but i get much more sad when i think that my Auntie Paz is all alone now. i have absolutely no idea how she's going to handle all this.

i've made a lot of progress on the site... especially those pesky bus schedules. i HATE translating things from Hebrew into English. but i can't not do it. that's the purpose of the site. good thing i've learned how to read Hebrew, even though i can't write it to save my life !!

Nina and Tamar are very ready to go back to school on thursday. they've been super difficult these past few days, and i've had to keep myself from just killing them. but they both calmed down today, mostly because Tamar spent the night at a friend's house. Nina got up and washed the floors all over the house :-) it was such a wreck before that. Tomi has got to go.... yeah, right.

it's now time for me to go and zone in front of the tv. i'm way too tired to stay on this techie thing. enough already.

OH !!! i forgot to mention the most important thing in the past few days !!!!! Jeri, from university, contacted me through Facebook and now we're lovers again ;-) i had searched for her high and low and all of a sudden she found me !!! YAY !! i'm also a Facebook Friend with Brad... oh, *our* Brad... *sigh*. what a heart-breaker he was in the day.

peace out everyone !!

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